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V/A REAGAN REGIME REVIEW- Compilation 7″EP (Selfless Records, USA, 1992)

What else could I come up with after the Touch and Go – Book review?
This comp. came together with an issue of Touch & Go. Unfortunately I can’t find the zine no more, but I believe it was an anthology of sorts. However, all tracks on this sampler may be as good or as mediocre as they are, but the live version of “Can’t tell no one” by NEGATIVE APPROACH blows you out of the window. And TOXIC REASON’s “Somebody help me” always makes me shake my head in disbelief. So that’s what the nazis did, beating jews black and blue? Man those nazis rascals really were no fun!

FIX: Vengeance.mp3
MEATMEN: 1 Down 3 to go.mp3
NEGATIVE APPROACH: Can’t tell no one.mp3
TOXIC REASONS: Somebody help me.mp3
McDONALDS: untitled song.mp3