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LEGION OF DEATH- s/t LP (L.O.D. Records, USA, 1987)

I remember seeing the band logo in fanzines back in the mid 80s, but I don’t think I ever had any of the several demos LEGION OF DEATH released between 1985 and 1989 nor this LP. But when I stumbled upon it at Fribi’s excellent “Outsider Shop” in Olten, Switzerland, I thought, what the hell and bought it just like that. “It’s primitive, thrashy”, Fribi said and on my way home on the bike, I could hardly wait to put this on the turntable and see whether or not my sixth sense for quality music would fail me this time. The simple but effective front cover, the thick 70s-style cardboard sleeve, the band photo with the guy wearing a Septic Death shirt and the other one with the Venom patch, the song titles – this must be great! An hour and a half later, I arrived at home, it was a hot day, I was soaking wet in sweat, but yet before taking my jacket off, I went straight to the hi-fi, impaled the vinyl and put the needle on  ……
Primitive, nihilistic, raw, obnoxious – and a total over the top feeling. I knew it!!! Heavy, kind of “sludgy” riffing, great guitar and an even better heavily distorted bass sound plus a singer with a weapon of a voice. “Death Sentence” is such a killer of an opener, with its crushing intensity and evilistic evility. I’ve rarely heard such ferocity outside the Death Metal or Grindcore subgenres in the later 80s, and when trying to put this music into historical context, I realize that I generally don’t know (or, frankly, care) too much about what was going on musically at this time on the Metal side of things. Do I hear the Celtic Frost-type of riffing that bands like Obituary or their cheap clones Asphyx carved out so vehemently? Is it the kind of über-dumbo-grandezza of Sheer Terror (who I find boring) and the likes? You tell me. To me, this has much much more power and aggression. Headfuck quality level!
The lyrics are all highly quotable, but the lines “Yes we believe in anarchy and we believe in death” have all you’ll ever need for a great slogan.

Download LEGION OF DEATH’s selftitled album in the best mp3 quality you ever gonna hear it. And remember: “Our legions wearing leather with their bullet belts in hand, Deathcore music spreading like a plague across the land!”
And sorry for the lame writeup, I think I caught a heat stroke on today’s bike tour with Bloodstar’s Rolf, the Bonneville-Man.