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INSTIGATORS- The Blood is on your Hands 7″EP (Bluurg Records, UK, 1984)

Huddersfield’s INSTIGATORS were one of the bands I loved right from the first note on. I first heard them on the «Cleanse the Bacteria» sampler and although Thrash was the thing for me in these days, I liked the INSTIGATORS songs very much.
I ordered this EP and the first LP and couldn’t believe my ears. Compared to the a bit garagey sounding compilation tracks, the band’s other material was of a quality and perfection that stuck out. The singer Andy’s dominant voice may be polarizing, but you’ve got to admit that he does his job very well. Just listen to the power’s he’s able to pull off in the song “The Church says”. Marvelous! The other three songs are just as great and every member of the band has his own moment, which is something you rarely hear, especially not on a debut record! Had they invested a bit more time in the lyrics too, there would have been absolutely nothing to complain about. But that’s the good thing when english is not your mother tongue: with a bit of practice and good will, you can ignore the words.
There was something very innovative and fresh about the 2nd wave of UK-Hardcore and although all the INSTIGATORS material has been re-released on CD (I haven’t googled that, I just took a wild guess), this band’s outstanding work has not received the praise and attention it deserves.

The Church says.mp3
Ignorance is bliss.mp3
Ugly People.mp3
All Creatures.mp3