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WITCH CROSS- Are you there?, b/w No Angel 7″ (Jamara Records, Denmark, 1983)

A minor classic: Denmark’s WITCH CROSS with their vinyl debut. Maybe not the greatest music you ever heard, but regarding to my long absence from posting anything new on this blog, I felt that the song “Are you there” would be just appropriate. Frankly: I have a major crisis of motivation in keeping up this blog.

Anyway, The lyric sheet mentions one band in the thanks section and that’s SAXON. SAXON is the first band that comes to mind when the opening riff from “Are you there?” comes in. If you really need to draw more comparisons (and that’s never wrong, although it rarely does a band justice in full), you could also mention a heavy Leppard / Tygers influence; really melodic and more on the Hard / Heavy Rock side of the wave. Not a record that will blow you out off your socks, but I’m convinced that there’s a special place in heaven for ex-members of such bands.
The band also had an LP but I never heard that one, from what I remember. Is it better than this?

Enjoy. No additional Punk flavor added this time. And check out the amazing pix on the cover.

Are you there?.mp3
No Angel.mp3

PS: This record is dedicated to “The Witches”.
PS II: Another, totally coincidental, PMAM (Punk Metal Antagonism Myth) fact: The road crew of two consisted of one punk. That’s 50%.