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TAR BABIES- Face the Music 12″EP (Bone Air Records, USA, 1983)

I didn’t expect comments like some of those I received (I deleted the worst of ’em) in the last entry (POWERAGE). Frankly, I had no idea we have such idiots here. Not that I’m a p.c. kind of guy: I love it when opinions clash and there’s nothing wrong when it gets a bit rough sometimes (it’s a sign of passion), but on the other hand I’m not running a platform for racists.

The anger and, well – hatred conserved on this piece of plastic is overwhelming. I first heard TAR BABIES on the “Party or go home” comp. and when a while later I stumbled across this EP, I bought it without hesitation. I wasn’t expecting too much, frankly, maybe because it was a 12 incher and you would get to hear that kind of total sonic violence on a 7″ rather than on a 12″. But hell, I saw that the song from the comp. was on the EP too (“Confusion”, if memory serves) and that was reason enough. What can I say? As it turned out, the entire 12″ was loaded with music of the same caliber. What makes these songs so great is that while being “totally Hardcore”, they simultaneously transcend the genre.
Halfd of the songs were recorded in spring 1982 and produced by Bob Mould (1, 4, 6, 7), the other half (the more experimental stuff) was recorded in December 1982 and produced by Butch Vig who was responsible for the incredible sound of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.

You need to hear MECHT MENSCH too (another great almost-german punk band name, like “Die Kreuzen”), if you haven’t already, as the two bands basically shared the same members. I couldn’t say which one I liked better, but TAR BABIES definitely is wilder and in the end lasted longer, with some fine experimental stuff released after this crazy debut. And if you like this monster, you’ll like BAD POSTURE too, which sound very similar to this.

Face the music!

PS: Anybody ever seen an insert going with this?

Be humble.mp3
The Word.mp3
Native Son.mp3
New Poor.mp3