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Monthly Archives: June 2010

INSTIGATORS- The Blood is on your Hands 7″EP (Bluurg Records, UK, 1984)


Huddersfield’s INSTIGATORS were one of the bands I loved right from the first note on. I first heard them on the «Cleanse the Bacteria» sampler and although Thrash was the thing for me in these days, I liked the INSTIGATORS songs very much. I ordered this EP and the first LP and couldn’t believe my […]

WITCH CROSS- Are you there?, b/w No Angel 7″ (Jamara Records, Denmark, 1983)


A minor classic: Denmark’s WITCH CROSS with their vinyl debut. Maybe not the greatest music you ever heard, but regarding to my long absence from posting anything new on this blog, I felt that the song “Are you there” would be just appropriate. Frankly: I have a major crisis of motivation in keeping up this […]

LIGHTNING RAIDERS- Criminal World, b/w Citizens 7″ (Revenge Records, UK, 1981)


Here’s another nail in the coffin of the Punk-Metal-Antagonism-Myth (let’s call it PMAM from now on). And this time, I’m pulling out a really, really big nail. I don’t think I have bigger nails in my toolbox. Some biographical info first (taken from the NWOBHM Encyclopedia book): LIGHTNING RAIDERS were formed in London in 1977, […]

THE DESECRATORS- Speed up the Death Process LP (Pro-Anti Records, Switzerland, 2010)


This is one of the most astonishing records I heard in a long, long time. It was recorded as a demo in 1986, on a shitty 4 track recorder, in 4 hours and with the cheapest gear. Not that it would matter though, cause you will always be able to tell a great band from […]

TAR BABIES- Face the Music 12″EP (Bone Air Records, USA, 1983)


I didn’t expect comments like some of those I received (I deleted the worst of ’em) in the last entry (POWERAGE). Frankly, I had no idea we have such idiots here. Not that I’m a p.c. kind of guy: I love it when opinions clash and there’s nothing wrong when it gets a bit rough […]