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KOMINTERN SECT- Les Seigneurs de la Guerre LP (Chaos Productions, France, 1984)

You wouldn’t believe how often I have wanted to post this, started ripping it and by the time the first side was over, I had lost all interest in it.
KOMINTERN SECT (great sticky band name, innit) were a french a left wing Oi(l)-band and I always hated Oi. The macho image, the group thing, the soccer-chants (and there’s one thing in the world that I detest more than soccer itself, that’s soccer fans).
While not everything on the band’s debut LP is too enjoyable, “Barcelone 1936” and the title track (translates as “The Gentlemen Lords of War”) are very much so.

KOMINTERN SECT bring it all: The chanting that sticks to oi like water birds stick to oil, the imagery …. but also a melancholic overtone and the fragility that comes from the band’s limited technical skills. The guitar in the first song: Like the guitarist is in a constant state of excessive demand. He barely can keep up the simple melody and has no sense of rhythm, yet sounds so perfect! That’s “good bad music”. I totally like that. And “Guerilla urbaine” sounds like SLAPSHOT en français. Singing in french can be sooo good.

The follow-up LP, released about a year later, is again a mixed bag, but it contains one of the songs that will always give me goose bumps, “Les annés d’acier” (“The years of steel”). Blimey, that’s a hymn, grim and forceful!

Download “Les Seigneurs de la Guerre” here and enjoy (if you can). I know, I know, KBD-blog Peter’s gonna detest this and I can see why, but that just doesn’t make the good tracks worse than they are.