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SS DECONTROL- Get it away 12″EP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)

You cannot argue the overwhelming power of “Get it away”, the 2nd release by Boston’s notorious SOCIETY SYSTEM DECONTROL. Test it yourself: Turn up the volume to a considerable point, play these songs one after another and then take any other record and spin it next. If it’s not falling flat in comparison, it’s gotta be one of those truly monolithic Hardcore classics like Die Kreuzen’s first, “Tied down” by Negative Approach or “Kings of Punk” by Poison Idea etc. If you want your Hardcore to show a certain level of technical perfection, a full frontal and pounding production and aggression at the brink of a killing spree, there are not too many other records like this.
On the other hand, Springa’s tortured vocal chords, the absolutely merciless guitar by Al Barile and the band’s general attitude and the narrowness for which SSD pretty much stand always kept me from playing this EP constantly over the past decades. Take Die Kreuzen for instance: That LP is of an incredible brutality, but it leaves you room to breath because the band manages to deliver different patterns of emotionality that still may be very tense all the time. Not so with SSD: Unfiltered aggression, a bulldog vehemence is the concept and in a way, “Get it away” falls victim to its own consequence. How they violate the Buzzcock’s rather buoyant “No Reply” and make it sound like a war anthem is something that has got to be heard to be believed.
Contrary to popular believe, “Glue” is not a song about sniffing glue, unfortunately. Rather it’s one of the genre’s typical ways of dealing with Hardcore’s main issue, the suppressed homosexuality. I sometimes think the panic fear of cigs (fags!) and beer bottles articulated by straight edgers is nothing but a culturally transformed homophobia and as such reveals the obsession with the male genitalia. “Come up here with us, emotions let them go, gotta be real hard (…)” from the song “Xclaim” ….. Now guess what “Forced down your Throat” is about. Read and hear more here.

I’m very curious to see that movie about Boston Hardcore that is currently in the making (and has a great facebook page, by he way). When I saw that pitiful get together of Springa and Barile in “American Hardcore”, I was touched by its tragic dimensions and I wonder if the two craftsmen of SSD somehow managed to get over the past and find a way of dealing with each other (and no, this is not a call for a reunion from my side, au contraire: do not, at any cost or loss, reform, I beg you).

The follow-up, the often underestimated “How we rock” Mini-LP, can be heard here and here is SSD’s first record, “The Kids will have their say” (this needs to be re-ripped and reposted in full soon).

To my knowledge, “Get it away” has never been officially re-released in its original form. Several bootleg editions exist, the first came from Switzerland actually. It was made by a then young man who is now the last living swiss communist and rumor has it, he’s being exhibited in a museum soon.

Forced down your Throat.mp3
Get it away.mp3
Under the Influence.mp3
Nothing done.mp3
No Reply.mp3