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Monthly Archives: May 2010

POWERAGE- Protest to survive 7″EP (Neg. Fx, France, 1985)


Sometimes, the music’s not so important. Or the other way ’round: The music gets its importance from the context. POWERAGE released this EP in 1985 on a french label, when South Africa was still a bloody racist state. When I was very young still, I started protesting against the Apartheid state and the close business […]

KOMINTERN SECT- Les Seigneurs de la Guerre LP (Chaos Productions, France, 1984)


You wouldn’t believe how often I have wanted to post this, started ripping it and by the time the first side was over, I had lost all interest in it. KOMINTERN SECT (great sticky band name, innit) were a french a left wing Oi(l)-band and I always hated Oi. The macho image, the group thing, […]

R.I.P. RONNIE JAMES DIO (A little tribute from goodbadmusic)


A few hours ago, Ronnie James Dio passed away. He died of cancer. This is a little tribute to one of the best voices in Metal. It’s lifted from a bootleg LP that was recorded live at the Volkshaus in Zürich, Switzerland, on November 27 1983. It was a great concert and a very impressive […]

D.Y.S.- Brotherhood Mini-LP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)


I couldn’t resist, so here’s the first 12er by the D.Y.S. (Department of Youth Services). Musically not as perfect, but in a way just as enjoyable as SSD (or maybe more so; totally depends on the mood I’m in) and lyrically from about the same caliber, only that D.Y.S. were a bit more outspokenly misogynistic. […]

SS DECONTROL- Get it away 12″EP (X-Claim Records, USA, 1983)


You cannot argue the overwhelming power of “Get it away”, the 2nd release by Boston’s notorious SOCIETY SYSTEM DECONTROL. Test it yourself: Turn up the volume to a considerable point, play these songs one after another and then take any other record and spin it next. If it’s not falling flat in comparison, it’s gotta […]

DEMON- One helluva Night, b/w Into the Nightmare 7″ Picture Disc (Carrere & Clay Records, UK, 1981)


DEMON were the maybe phoniest NWOBHM group of them all and that’s why we should love them, cause contrary to the vehement belief of some intellectual backwoodsmen, everything but death is real (“The closer we believe the truth, the bigger the pain”, Hans Blumenberg said in one of his particularly clear moments somewhere in his […]

SPARTA- Angel of Death, b/w Tonight 7″ Single (Suspect Records, UK, 1981)


SPARTA were a little known NWOBHM band from Nottinghampshire who in their not so short life span only released two 7″s and one track on a compilation album. You’ll get to hear all of these really soon, cause frankly: This band is another highlight of the early independent Metal movement. Both their singles totally rule, […]