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BLACK ROSE- No Point runnin’, b/w Sucker for your Love 7″ (Teesbeat Records, UK, 1982)

BLACK ROSE learned from Punk: The band’s selfproduced, scarce debut 7″ is done pretty cheaply, with a simple piece of paper glued onto the innersleeve. One of my most beloved 7″s from the genre, but not so much because of the a-side, which is good (“No Point runnin'”), but the phenomenal, super-catchy flipside, “Sucker for your Love”.
The band’s later releases are so-so. Rocking and rolling but with each output, they lost the youthful NWOBHM-edge. The cuts on the “Roxcalibur” & “One Take no Dubs” comps are still very good though.

No Point runnin’.mp3
Sucker for your Love.mp3