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THE FIX- Jan’s Rooms 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1982)

If anything, then this is the most brutal sounding early U.S. Hardcore 7″EP. What NEGATIVE APPROACH had in Jon Brannon’s amazing razor blade voice, THE FIX had in the music. Yeah, I like that: Saying THE FIX sound like NEGATIVE APPROACH with bass and a good drummer.
The four songs totally destroy, yet work as one entity. Especially the massive “Signals in Distress” track is outstanding with the slow buildup and the threatening aura. “Cos the Elite”, just like URAN WASTE’s “Police Brutality” or NEGATIVE APPROACH’s “Nothing”, used to be on every compilation tape I ever made, I swear.

I’m not going into the band’s history here. It’s all been documented back and forth on the net and especially on the great discography album, released in 2006 on Touch & Go (link below). The band’s first 7″ with the two great but a bit tamer songs “Vengeanace” and “In this Town” is the most expensive Hardcore record at the moment, fetching prices beyong the 2000 $ mark and if I ever have the dough, I swear I will buy it. It’s a bitter pill, but what do you wanna do. Punk and Hardcore records are more and more becoming a part of the art market, whether you like it or not.

Pictured above, you’ll see the rare variation of the  lyric sheet. First versions were spray painted, the 2nd bunch was a regular xerox, totally different. Rumor has it, the spray painting job was done to cover up some unwanted artwork. Indeed, you can make out the word “The”, probably from “The Fix”. Anybody knows what’s beneath the paint?
I’ve had several copies of this EP over the decades and only one had both inserts inside. Unfortunately, the last time I played this EP with a bit of wine into my systems, I managed to misplace the other insert. It will surface again, one day, when I played through all of my 7″s.

After downloading, you will be forced to order the official discography here.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the complete Touch & Go Magazine – book (576 pages!) here.

Cos the Elite.mp3
Truth right now.mp3
Signal (or as the label has it: “Signals in Distress”).mp3
Off to War.mp3