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POISON IDEA- Getting the Fear 12″ (Rockport Records, USA, 1988)

Originally a beautiful cassette release (one of the only Poison Idea releases I’m still missing, by the way – get in touch if you need some cash!), this twelver pretty much marked the point when I decided not to follow POISON IDEA any longer. Nobody knew that with the incredible “Feel the Darkness” album, released two years after this, we’d see the giant rear up its ugly head one last time.

The two songs here were a further shift from the once Metal-without-Metal-sounding Hardcore POISON IDEA had developed in their post-“Pick your King”-career. Step by step, after the unbeatable “Kings of Punk” album, the band had evolved in the only direction they could. Looking back, one can only respect POISON IDEA for following their own path and evolving by staying the same – one of the most powerful bands ever.
The two songs here sound so much better now than they did 22 years ago. Thick, massive, driven by force and tight as fuck. The a side would be my fave pick here.

This was released by some local record shop in an edition of 1000 numbered copies. It came with a huge poster.
If you’re lucky enough to have this in your possession, you’d better run and take it out of its original hard plastic sleeve now. The photocopied obi-type slip begins to stick to the plastic, like all xeroxes do (that’s how I ruined my KORO sleeve unknowingly many many moons ago).

Getting the Fear.mp3
4 am.mp3