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DECLINO- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)

Here’s one to wash out your ears efficiently after the most venturesome post before. The probably most graceful moment in the not poor of graceful moments history of italian Hardcore: The first untitled EP by DECLINO from Torino (couldn’t resist the rhyming).

Whatever synonym for «angry» or «aggressive» etc. you may think of – insert them here [________] and here [_______]. Music simply doesn’t get more in-your-face than this and Hardcore never seems deader than when you hear such a storm child. “The urgency of a message that must be understood [arrive], aimed and fast like bullet” – that’s how I with my non-existing knowledge of the italian language would translate the first two lines of “Rivolta e negazione” and bloody hell, although I don’t know anymore what the “message” could be, I sure still feel the bullet’s impact (I might be spending a couple days in Italy in the Lombardia soon – those who wanna tell me their view on the “message” over some fine wine, let me know). One day, I’m convinced, they’ll find means to extract the power within the music and transform it into electricity. This EP’s power will be providing enough electricity for the whole planet during 17-21 years. Guaranteed!

DECLINO’s follow-up EP, a heretic twelver, is very very good too and needs to be posted on this blog really soon (maybe after the next over the top cheesy Metal record), but frankly – this is all the DECLINO you very need. Very.

300 (source 1) or 500 (source me) made.

Rivolta e negazione.mp3
Scelte imposte.mp3
Mortale tristezza.mp3
Terra bruciata.mp3
Coscienza distruttiva.mp3
Nessuna fiducia.mp3