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STATE TROOPER- She got the Look, c/w Veni, vidi, vinci 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1985)

Ever dreamed of the the following situation?
You’re standing somewhere in the city (or in a forest – that’d make a neat picture too), dwelling on thoughts. Out of the blue, some guy walks to you with a friendly smile on a friendly face: “Hi! Aren’t you the guy who knows practically everything about good and bad music? Well, I’ve got a question. How did the NWOBHM end?” You’d look at him and nod your head benevolently. “Oh”, you’d say while lighting a cigarette, “that’s a good question.”
At this point, you’d inhale with your eyes half shut and then exhale very slowly, looking the geezer straight in the eye. “I happen to have this 7″ and a portable turntable on me, which is a rather nice coincidence, don’t you think.” You’d pull out the turntable which runs on batteries, an ugly but in some way not unattractive, stylish plastic crime in red and out of the other pocket, you’d draw one of the final releases on the once ground setting Neat Records label, the one and only 7″ by a band called STATE TROOPER.
Carefully you’d put the needle on. Audible rustling. You’d tip off the ashes before taking another deep drag, turn your head and look up to the blue sky.

She got the Look.mp3
Veni, vidi, vinci.mp3