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MINUTEMEN- Joy 7″EP (New Alliance Records, USA, 1981)

The 2nd release by MINUTEMEN is entitled joy and that pretty much sums up everything. It’s joyful, a bit lighter and more accessible than “Paranoid Time”,the band’s first EP. More MINUTEMEN here and here.

Today would have been the 52. birthday of D. Boon, the band’s much too early deceased guitarist.

Three songs in three minutes , a three minutes write-up from my side and thirty minutes of work all in all. Pretty neat.

Black Sheep.mp3
More Joy.mp3


  1. Thomas

    What’s not to like about the Minutemen? When they played in Munich as support of Black Flag in February 1983 in the Löwenbräukeller (I’m not kidding you!) my friend Julian went to the lou after their set and while he was peeing D. Boon stepped up to the next stall, started peeing, too, and made small talk. He asked my friend if he liked the show. Julian was a little shit back then, so he replied: No, I fucking hated it. D. was taken aback and asked: So, what kind of music do you like. And Julian replied: Foreigner and REO Speedwagon! and stepped out of the restroom. True story.


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  2. ringo reblaus

    Erich, find the mistake in your sentence about d.boons birthday and then repent, sinner, repent!!!


    Admin Reply:

    Whatcha mean, Ringo?


    ringo reblaus Reply:

    D.Boon played six strings, not four!


    Admin Reply:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😀


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  3. peter a.

    the only blog in the whole wide interweb which would post diamond head / headcleaners / breaker / minutemen in a row. you totally rule.


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  4. elliott

    man this rocks. i’m trying to get everything these guys put out. funny thing i always thought they were a streightup hc band because they played with black flag. i actually heard the less hc stuff first and i was so happy they weren’t just another boring hc band that i went out and got double nickels that very same day! this band is just different but not in a bad way. thanks for this.


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  5. howardx

    mike watt still plays around long beach ca quite a bit, still in the small clubs and bars.


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  6. One of the best bands ever. Amen and goodbye.


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  7. bretadounitedfc

    Great band too bad right wind racist group had to steal this name. Viva San Pedro!!!


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    “this sounds like a righteous event I would love to be part of but music obligations here in my pedro town keep me from being able to be there so damn, my most sincere apologies… I’ll be there in spirit though!”
    Mike Watt

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  9. Peter said it better than I ever could about this one, the only word I would add is , important. Did want to say that the flexi you have “on heavy rotation” blew me away. Ordered that from the ads in Flipside or MRR, best $2 ppd I ever spent and can not even begin to describe the holy shit moment in listening to it the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th…to the present time. Doesn’t sound as good on CD. Thanx for the reminder.


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  10. Peter

    Didn’t know about this one.. I thought the best Minutemen was their first EP + LP, but Black Sheep is an instant favorite over here! Killer!


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  11. T. S-words

    minutemen changed my life.


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