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Monthly Archives: April 2010

POISON IDEA- Plastic Bomb, b/w We got the Beat Advance Cassingle (selfproduced, USA, 1989)


So this was the first version of what was re-released twice later on. First off as a bootleg 7″, then as part of a double 7″ set and also on the b-side of the band’s SubPop 7″. Not much left to say as I’m posting this mainly for documentation. Two songs, one a great cover […]

HELLHOUND- Submit or die Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


HELLHOUND were (and are) the unsung heroes of the Bay Area Metal scene. The band was formed in 1981 and apart from this demo had never released anything officially during the groups first life span. Why is that? The six songs on this cassette are all highly memorable and show competent song writing, combined with […]

BLACK ROSE- No Point runnin’, b/w Sucker for your Love 7″ (Teesbeat Records, UK, 1982)


BLACK ROSE learned from Punk: The band’s selfproduced, scarce debut 7″ is done pretty cheaply, with a simple piece of paper glued onto the innersleeve. One of my most beloved 7″s from the genre, but not so much because of the a-side, which is good (“No Point runnin’”), but the phenomenal, super-catchy flipside, “Sucker for […]

THE FIX- Jan’s Rooms 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1982)


If anything, then this is the most brutal sounding early U.S. Hardcore 7″EP. What NEGATIVE APPROACH had in Jon Brannon’s amazing razor blade voice, THE FIX had in the music. Yeah, I like that: Saying THE FIX sound like NEGATIVE APPROACH with bass and a good drummer. The four songs totally destroy, yet work as […]

Thanks for the Link ….


Thomas. And yes, the album is pathetic dung.

METAL MIRROR- Rock an’Roll ain’t never gonna leave us, c/w English Booze 7″ (M&M Records, UK, 1980)


Another record with an interesting spelling variation of the term Rock’n’Roll, but that’s not all that METAL MIRROR have to offer: Records with pictures of a pretty singer wearing a towel around his neck have got to be great and METAL MIRROR’s one and only life-time vinyl appearance makes no exception from that ancient rule. […]

Fund raising for KLEENEX / LILIPUT


I’ve recently come across this fund raising thing for a planned 4 LP Boxset full of KLEENEX / LILIPUT’s discography. You can hear the first and truly epochal KLEENEX 7″ here. More KLEENEX here and LILIPUT here (that’s the name they picked after being forced to change the band name). I cannot emphasize this strongly […]

POISON IDEA- Getting the Fear 12″ (Rockport Records, USA, 1988)


Originally a beautiful cassette release (one of the only Poison Idea releases I’m still missing, by the way – get in touch if you need some cash!), this twelver pretty much marked the point when I decided not to follow POISON IDEA any longer. Nobody knew that with the incredible “Feel the Darkness” album, released […]



I’ve recently gone through the blogroll and realized that many of my links are dead. That means: Space for new links available. So please just leave me any suggestions in the comments section. No commercial links (shops etc.). Music, politics, (net-) culture – whatever you think might be worth linking.

DECLINO- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


Here’s one to wash out your ears efficiently after the most venturesome post before. The probably most graceful moment in the not poor of graceful moments history of italian Hardcore: The first untitled EP by DECLINO from Torino (couldn’t resist the rhyming). Whatever synonym for «angry» or «aggressive» etc. you may think of – insert […]