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DORSAL ATLANTICA- Victory, b/w Dweller of the Streets 7″ (Flight Nineteen Records, Switzerland, 1988)

The pioneers of Thrash Metal from Brasil. Not everything DORSAL ATLANTICA has put out in the band’s long running career is as great as this two tracker. Both songs show a great deal of good old SLAYER worshiping, but hey, that’s not the worst thing you can do as a band. The incredibly catchy a-side stomper and the slower b-side might be the best introduction to the works of these fine gentlemen from Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro and at the moment, I can’t think of much more to write (been writing so much totday that it literally dried out my brain).
Released on Pierre Moix’ great Flight Nineteen label (named after, you guessed it, the ANGEL WITCH song) which also brought us Paul Chain and Hellwitch. 500 copies made.

Dweller of the Streets.mp3