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HEADCLEANERS- Disinfection 7″EP (Malign Massacre Records, Sweden, 1981)

One of the most original Hardcore bands and quite possibly Sweden’s best were HEADCLEANERS (or HUVUDTVÄTT). Don’t believe me? Here’s the split EP with PICNIC BOYS and here’s the final, monstrous EP.

Every time I put this on, I simply can’t believe how a band could be so original, so great and so damn HARDCORE. It’s Hardcore of the subtle kind (or “Gentleman’s Hardcore”), not the tornado, blizzard and thunder – type for the proles. Amazingly, not one song sticks out, they’re all equally great. This EP  was especially made for the outside of Sweden-markets (as was the rare untitled 9 songs EP which combined the split EP songs and the a-side of this babe here) and is thus sung in english. I happen to think the swedish versions of these songs (to be found on the split EP) rock a little harder and also have a superior sound.

Dying in Maze.mp3
Kill the Royalties.mp3
Death Threat.mp3
Where is.mp3 / Disinfect.mp3
Over the Wall.mp3
Police Perversities.mp3