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DIAMOND HEAD- Shoot out the Lights, b/w Helpless (Happy Face Records, UK, 1980)

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve just given away two albums by swedish retro-poppunkers The Hives for free (to an old L.A. punk, Jay Thurston, who comments every move over at Peter’s KBD blog and who is rarely ever seen here because he is afraid of good music!).

Anyway, I thought I might as well give out some free stuff to you as well, so here it is, the first DIAMOND HEAD 7″. “Shoot out the Lights”, a suicide song, is great, rough, kinda unpolished and its totally inappropriate guitar solo makes it typical good bad music. The flipside has “Helpless”, a song we know from the band’s debut LP. This slower version is jolly good, although not quite where the album version is.
Never issued in a picture sleeve and if you wanna find out a bit more about the band and the follow-up 7″ and other nice things, you might just wanna scroll down a bit. Fun trivia: I traded this one away for a AC/DC “Dog eat Dog” 7″ (yeah, the one with “Carry me Home”) in 1981. Nowadays, you can find this DIAMOND HEAD 7″ for maybe 5$, whereas the AC/DC 7″ goes for about 300$. I was a smart ass kid, yes. Okay, okay, the guy’s a banker (hi Thomas K.) nowadays and probably made a trillion $$$, but still ….. oh, fuck you.

Shoot out the Lights.mp3