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DIAMOND HEAD- Sweet & Innocent 7″ (Media Records, UK, 1980)

This was the 2nd 7″ by DIAMOND HEAD, released almost immediately after the debut (which will get posted here soon!). Plain and simple: A perfect record. The slower version (compared to the album take) of “Sweet & innocent” just plain rocks and the b-side has one very interesting and kinda odd guitar solo to boot.

DIAMOND HEAD, often reduced to the emblematic “Am I evi?” song and made popular through METALLICA first copying and then covering them, were one of the highlights in the young NWOBHM-sensation, but quickly fell into the depths of wimpdom (I still cannot decide whether or not I like “Borrowed Time”).

You can find this and the first one almost constantly for a bargain on I remember how highly we valued this and the first one in our trading days in the early 80s. There must have been thousands and thousands pressed of them, methinks, for the UK-market exclusively.

Sweet & innocent.mp3
Streets of Gold.mp3