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THE GERMS- Lions Share Bootleg LP (Ghost ‘o Darb Recordings / Lager Rhythms, USA, 1988)

The infamous GERMS bootleg LP, rumored having been released by some ex-member of the group. Whether or not this is true (please share your information in the comments section), what’s most remarkable about this LP is that it was not only the first time for the complete “Cruisin'”-session to appear on vinyl – it also has a much better sounding version of the band’s final gig on the flip, compared to the rather crappy sounding one on the Germs Anthology CD. I had recently downloaded it and was kinda puzzled to hear how careless it’s made. Like the folks over at KBD said, it sounds all crappy, muffled. A loveless piece of work and not worth the money. Somebody should re-release at least the epochal “GI”-album in a proper manner.
All five studio tracks captured on “Lion’s Share” are exceptional, but most exceptional is “Not all right”, which is disturbing, kaputt and grandiose.

So here’s the “Lion’s Share” bootleg for you to download. Yes, I think one should go crazy about this, it’s quite simply documenting one of the finest Hardcore Punk bands ever at their peek. Imagine what (different) beast the GERMS could have turned into, if not ….
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