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Monthly Archives: March 2010

BREAKER- Blood Money, c/w Afraid of the Dark 7″ (selfproduced, USA, 1983)


BREAKER were formed in Cleveland in 1982 and released this very rare 7″ in 1983. In the following year, they recorded a full album which didn’t get released until years later and that’s pretty much all I can tell you right now. This 7″ might not be the most original one (both songs are heavily, […]

DORSAL ATLANTICA- Victory, b/w Dweller of the Streets 7″ (Flight Nineteen Records, Switzerland, 1988)


The pioneers of Thrash Metal from Brasil. Not everything DORSAL ATLANTICA has put out in the band’s long running career is as great as this two tracker. Both songs show a great deal of good old SLAYER worshiping, but hey, that’s not the worst thing you can do as a band. The incredibly catchy a-side […]

A Punk Rock Comedy!


I don’t know whether or not in non-german speaking countries the Helene-Hegemann-debate has been in the news. What happened? A rich brat of 17 years has published a book (“axolotl roadkill”) last year. Upon release, the book has seen enormous praise by some of the most potent papers and critics in germany, making it a […]

HEADCLEANERS- Disinfection 7″EP (Malign Massacre Records, Sweden, 1981)


One of the most original Hardcore bands and quite possibly Sweden’s best were HEADCLEANERS (or HUVUDTVÄTT). Don’t believe me? Here’s the split EP with PICNIC BOYS and here’s the final, monstrous EP. Every time I put this on, I simply can’t believe how a band could be so original, so great and so damn HARDCORE. […]

DIAMOND HEAD- Shoot out the Lights, b/w Helpless (Happy Face Records, UK, 1980)


Thanks to Facebook, I’ve just given away two albums by swedish retro-poppunkers The Hives for free (to an old L.A. punk, Jay Thurston, who comments every move over at Peter’s KBD blog and who is rarely ever seen here because he is afraid of good music!). Anyway, I thought I might as well give out […]

PLASMATICS- Butcher Baby 7″EP (Vice Squad, USA, 1978)


Malcolm McLaren had done it in the UK and Rod Swenson in the U.S. – however obscene you might find today’s casting shows, you should never forget that in a way, the casting idea had played quite a role in the early days of Punk. THE PLASMATICS basically were put together by Swenson – or […]

DIAMOND HEAD- Sweet & Innocent 7″ (Media Records, UK, 1980)


This was the 2nd 7″ by DIAMOND HEAD, released almost immediately after the debut (which will get posted here soon!). Plain and simple: A perfect record. The slower version (compared to the album take) of “Sweet & innocent” just plain rocks and the b-side has one very interesting and kinda odd guitar solo to boot. […]

THE GERMS- Lions Share Bootleg LP (Ghost ‘o Darb Recordings / Lager Rhythms, USA, 1988)


The infamous GERMS bootleg LP, rumored having been released by some ex-member of the group. Whether or not this is true (please share your information in the comments section), what’s most remarkable about this LP is that it was not only the first time for the complete “Cruisin’”-session to appear on vinyl – it also […]