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FALSE PROPHETS- s/t 7″EP (Wornout Brothers, USA, 1981)

Just today, I was telling Peter from the KBD blog that I would be ripping the first EP by NYC’s FALSE PROPHETS today. “Great”, he said, “I wanted to hear it for a long time.” I told him not to expect too much, because it frankly ain’t one record that sticks to my turntable. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had it there only once this millenium. What a mistake! It’s weird how sometimes records like this one get forgotten – not only in a larger context, but also in my own record collection. In the 80s and during the first years of the 90s, I was madly in love with FALSE PROPHETS’ brillant debut album. I played it up and down, up and down, as well as the 2nd 7″ (which you’ll find here) and also the 2nd LP. This debut EP somehow disappeared from my personal radar.
So when I ripped the three songs, I was very surprised. How great is this?! As I’ve written in 2006, when I had posted the following 7″, FALSE PROPHETS on the debut of theirs hadn’t developed the perfection of the 1984 LP, but the shape of things to come already shines through brightly. In fact, one might say that these raw, sloppy tracks ( free of the sometimes heavy pathos of the later FP) sound in fact even better. Not that I would agree though; as said before, I happen to totally adore the first LP and the keyboard-ridden 2nd 7″, but these three songs have so much charme that I don’t think I’m going to listen to anything else for the rest of today.
If anybody happens to have a good quality scan of the lyric insert, please send it in. I couldn’t find mine anymore (I sometimes mix up inserts and even records when I’m drunk, haha).
This one goes out especially to KBD-Peter – and every other wornout brother everywhere.

Blind Obedience.mp3
Royal Slime.mp3