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JERK WARD- Too young to thrash 12″EP (Supreme Echo, Canada, 2009)

Canada’s JERK WARD were one of these almost legendary local bands of the early 80s who never released vinyl, but had a reputation among tape traders. Jason Flower (formerly of DEMENTIA and MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY) once again unearths one of these treasures. Before trying to hard to find my own words, let me just copypaste the promo text from Jason’s own hand:

«Jerk Ward officially formed September 1982 as a young teen trio consisting of Randy Long – bass/vocals, Stephen McBean – guitar/vocals, and John London – drums. Making noise together since late 1980, their earliest anthems included “Kill the Pongos”, “Nana Mouskouri Sings Punk Rock”, and their cult-hit “UFO”. The boys soon befriended local hardcore group the Neos, propelling them to play faster, shorter, and better as they progressed.
Spring ’83 the group recorded unique rehearsal tapes for people who’d mailed them tapes, followed by a summer session for the BYO Victoria compilation tape, and by September they played their first show alongside Dischord recording artists Scream. At the show they met Julian, the only person they knew who had one of their mailorder rehearsal tapes. With Randy taking on lead vocals, Julian joined on bass and they played their first gig as a quartet November ’83. Their first official demo, “Inside My Head” was recorded by Neos guitarist Steve Bailey and circulated in very small numbers, with one copy even receiving a positive review by Tim Yohannon in Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine.
Returning to the Bailey basement in April ’84, they recorded the now legendary “Flesh & Bones” demo. Kev Smith and Steve Bailey (ex-Neos) had spent most of the previous winter making basement recordings and subsequently had guest appearances on the “Flesh & Bones” session. At the end of May, John and Kev formed the band Sludge Confrontations, debuting with Jerk Ward on June of ’84, which would also be Randy’s final show with the group.
Having two solid years of growth behind them, Jerk Ward folded in summer of ’84 after a gig as a trio in Vancouver and a final show in Steve Bailey’s basement. Bed-tracks to a final recording session were done during the day of their final show, however vocals were never recorded. Some of the songs later resurfaced with overdubbed parts by Steve and Kev on the basement studio project Harvest of Seaweed.
Randy was tragically shot dead by a policeman during a domestic dispute in 1990. Likewise, bass player Julian sadly commited suicide in the mid-90’s. John most recently played drums for local punk’n’roll group Budokan…Kev plays in Mexican Power Authority…and Stephen presently resides in Vancouver playing with Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, and Older Skull.»

Great hi-energy thrash, much in the vein of NEOS and guaranteed to make you jump around all day long! Make sure you get yourself a copy of this limited edition 12er. It’s 25$ p.p. (worldwide). ust click the Paypal-button below of get in touch with Jason (link above).

Here are five of the 17 songs:

Flesh & Bones.mp3
Major Threat Pt. II
F.U. Quincy.mp3
Kill the Pongos.mp3

Note from 13. February 2010: Jason asked me to take down the complete blog post due to the nastiness in the comments section. I’ve taken down the mp3 files, but at this point, I’m not going to remove the whole entry. I made it a policy to let through practically everything, except for blatant racism, death threats and such. I do not feel this post has gone too far until now to justify such a radical action. Anyway, if you attack somebody personally, please at least have the courage not to hide into anonymity.