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Monthly Archives: January 2010

THE BASTARDS- s/t 7EP (Zaki Records, Switzerland, 1979)


You may or may not know, but Switzerland is not only very small a country, it also has no less than four official languages, spoken in four different regions (those four languages themselves consist of numerous different dialects, some of them so different from the official language that they’re hard to understand even for swiss). […]

January 29 2010: 2. Blast Beat Memorial Day!!!


Happy Blast Beat Memorial Day everybody!

MERCYFUL FATE- s/t 12″EP (Rave-On Records, Holland, 1982)


If Satan was to be evoken through music, it would take MERCYFUL FATE to make him appear. This EP, the band’s first own vinyl appearance, in all those years has never lost its intense grip on me. Something about these four songs is deeply disturbing: The sometimes atypical rhythm (as in “Devil Eyes”), the weird […]

WHITE SPIRIT- Backs to the Grind, c/w Cheetah 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1980


I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just started watching Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” and after the first (intense!) 10 minutes, I started realizing that I had a WHITE SPIRIT song on my mind. Whatever may be responsible for this most extraordinary association (you tell me!), here I am, taking a short break from […]

SVART FRAMTID- 1984 7″EP (X-Port Plater, Norway, 1984)


This is one of the best european HC records and although I don’t spin the only EP by Norway’s SVART FRAMTID twice a week anymore (like I used to do), it’s still got a lot of charme. Just read the lyrics to the song “Religios Terror” and almost felt a bit nostalgic: Seems like songs […]

NEON CHRIST- s/t 7″EP (Social Crisis Records, USA, 1984) & Bonus 7″EP!


Who wouldn’t remember when he or she first heard NEON CHRIST on the PEACE WAR Double LP comp? Although the comp is great from a to z, the NEON CHRIST song is one of those that really stick out. Fast, energetic, athletic and extremely catchy. It took me ’til 1988 until I finally was able […]

V/A METAL MASSACRE- Compilation LP (Metal Blade Records, USA, 1982) First Version!


Let’s not start the new year without some more Metal. Here’s one treat for you. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal may have been many things. One thing it was not: It wasn’t limited to Britain, once the can had been opened. Just like in Punk, the sparks of the first wave flew around […]

NEGAZIONE- Tutti pazzi 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1985)


“Erich, I’ve got something for you here!”, the shop owner Alex yelled at me in his irresistibly nonchalent way when I entered the legendary Bro Records shop one day in spring 1985. He waved the NEGAZIONE EP around in the smoke filled air of his empire. “What is it?”, I asked and he just said: […]