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IMPACT- Solo Odio Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1985)

IMG_0586IMG_0592IMG_0588IMG_0589IMG_0594IMG_0593I originally wanted to post this smasher when the news here in good ol’Europe were full of pictures of Berlusconi with a bloodied face: Some guy gave him what he would deserve a thousand times more with a small statue of the dome of Milano. But things were too hectic here to bring it up in time, so please see it still as a tribute to the guy’s exemplary action.

When in 1983, Italy’s E.U.’s ARSE and IMPACT decided to share a piece of 7″ vinyl, the result was one of the most intense moments in the ever intense italian hardcore history. When IMPACT decided to put another log on the fire, it became obvious though, that the world had not yet seen the bands climax. The Mini-LP “Solo Odio” (“Hate only”) released nearly 2 years later blew the band’s older efforts out of the water in terms of workmanlike perfection. While on the one hand I love it when bands rumble and clatter musically (such as the majority of italian HC bands of the 80s), it grabs me right by my bouncing balls when the Hardcore is delivered tight and crisp. Such is the case here.
Stop and go, psyched out guitars, crazy screaming and throughoutly metalfree – impossible for me to pick out one single track. This Mini-LP rages from a to z, even when the tempo is slow. The atmosphere is angst-ridde and self-destructive, aggressive and furious, it’s like the ceiling is about to collapse over your head. Sure, you might say that you’ve heard this kind of musical insanity on the first DECLINO EP two years before – but IMPACT’s Mini-LP is still mandatory nevertheless.

Released on the legendary “Chaos Produzioni” label, this baby turns up quite rarely. It’s extremely nice looking, with the hand glued fold out cover and the killer “Welcome Carabinieri” back cover drawing. I’m pretty sure this has been reissued in one form or another. If you like what you hear (and who wouldn’t like it?!), buy the official reissue. Capiche?

Download “Solo Odio” here. The songs are meant to be connected to each another without pause in between, that’s why I ended every one with a very quick fadeout. Oh yes, couldn’t properly tagthe song “Morte chimica” for reasons unknown. Do it manually, if you can.