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BITCH- Damnation Alley 12″EP (Metal Blade Records, USA, 1982)

IMG_0539IMG_0540IMG_0538Three Metal posts in a row and now what? Right – another one!
Wait a second. Is BITCH a Metal group? Actually, this is totally punked up, sleazy, sexually aggressive, lustful, dominant, highly energetic Metal Punk of the finest sort. Singer Betsy is in the center of interest here, as her wild and powerful performance is a serious kick in the butt. If the first song doesn’t make you wanna jump around naked (check the vocal part from 1:50 on – incredible!), then go to “Damnation Alley” directly. You’ll never get the chorus out of your head again. This song makes you wanna do THINGS. You know – THINGS!!! Amazing!!! The only song I don’t think should be on this EP is “He’s gone”. It’s not bad, but it just can’t keep the energy level of the other smashers. Those of you who were around at the time will sure remember how attractive and seductive Betsy was -  just drippin and trippin in the wet fantasies of male teens. Stockings, leather, whip and all that – yummy. And hearing her receiving some whipped love on this version of “Live for the Whip”, bloody hell, that’s really rough.
Unfortunately, the follow up LP “Be my Slave” couldn’t fulfill the high expectations I had after I first heard this EP here and the incredible track from the first “Metal Massacre” comp (even rougher than this pearl – anybody has the complete four song demo in good sund quality?). It’s a good, kinda Power Metal-ish LP, but the punky edge is almost gone.

BITCH were the first U.S. female fronted Metal band. Betsy’s website says “First Lady of American Metal” – no offense, but I’d say ith Bon Scott “You ain’t no lady”, ha!, but “you sure got taste in men” (who knows).

I’ve seen two versions of “Damnation Alley”. One with the regular early Metal Blade label (brown paper with the blood dripping axe) and the one pictured above. I tend to believe that this is the first version. Who knows more? And before I forget: Doug Moody’s Mystic Records released a Bitch / Hellion split 7″ in 1983. I had it in my hands last year and even though it was only 3$, I didn’t buy it (damn fool!). I’d love to get one, if anybody has it for sale.

Ready? GO!!!!!! And if you like it, buy the official BITCH re-releases on CD or vinyl.

Never come Home.mp3
Damnation Alley.mp3
He’s gone.mp3
Live for the Whip.mp3

PS (added Dec. 13 2009): Here’s a message from Betsy herself (thanks much Chris L.!): betsylovesme