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THE HANDSOME BEASTS- All Riot now, b/w The Mark of the Beast 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1980)

HandsomeBeasts_frontHandsomeBeasts_backWhat since the 2nd half of the 90s has been constructed as a music genre, the NWOBHM, is actually a very complex and diverse potpourri. On the one hand, you have bands like MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST: They were among the firestarters of the NWOBHM but never actually part of the underground phenomenon. Musically, these bands were innovative (and I think that JUDAS PRIEST pretty much laid down the “modern” Heavy Metal recipe with “Point of Entry” and “British Steel”), whereas some of the underground bands of the 80s were actually rather conservative. THE HANDSOME BEASTS were one of the bands to emulate a totally unique sound, blending in bits and pieces of various genres.

Actually, you could call THE HANDSOME BEASTS a Blues Metal Punk band. It’s not Blues Rock, it’s too raunchy for that. You’ll hear plenty of THIN LIZZY in these two songs, and I actually think the riff of “Mark of the Beast” is nothing but Punk, but it’s more than that, it’s the riotous  aura this babe breathes. Both songs are super great. And the single cover is one of my fave NWOBHM record sleeves. Yes, this 7″ is one of the highlights of the early 80s NWOBHM!
The band released two more 7″s and one LP (famous for its really dirty cover!) until 1981. The got back together in the 90s and released some more material, but I must say I never heard any of that. All early 7″s are must-haves, and the 2nd 7″ is a nice little oddity with one of these funny 2-songs-in-one a-sides (you know, two spirals running parallel). In 2006, the band’s famous and very popular singer Garry “Flabbie” Dalloway died unexpectedly.

The official band website can and should be found here.

All Riot now.mp3
The Mark of the Beast.mp3