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Monthly Archives: December 2009

THE PROLETARIAT- Marketplace 7″ (Homestead Records, USA, 1985)


“Use photography as weapon”, said the famous agitprop artist John Heartfield in the late 1920s. “Use rhythm as weapon” could be the motto of Boston’s legendary THE PROLETARIAT. The incredible songs on the “This is Boston not L.A.” sampler already pulsated in an almost post-punkish way, though still heavily on the punkier side of things, […]

SACCHARINE TRUST- A Christmas Cry 7″ (SST Records, USA, 1982)


This is as much christmas as you’ll ever get from me. SACCHARINE TRUST were one of the most intense bands of all time and the one who brought me to blogging in the first place (with “Paganicons”, on .blogspot still). One totally fucked up and übergreat tune on the first side (also featured on the […]

MOTÖRHEAD- White Line Fever, b/w Leavin’ here 7″ (Skydog Records, France, 1977) & second version (Stiff Records, UK, 1980)


In late 1975, MOTÖRHEAD had just recorded (under the name of BASTARDS still) their debut album, but as you know, the label (United Artists) flaked out after hearing the dirt’n’roll these geezers had laid down there in a studio somewhere in London Hammersmith. As soon as commercial success kicked in a few years later with […]

ROSE TATTOO- Bad Boy for Love, c/w Snow Queen 7" (Albert, Australia, 1977)


Repost from Oct. 30 2006. This is a tribute to Mick Cocks, who lost his battle against liver cancer today.  One great song writer and guitarists. More here. Ian Rilen, founding member and bassist of both ROSE TATTOO and X (Australia) died today. Read more here. The first ROSE TATTOO 7″: Bad Boy for Love.mp3 […]

ASSASSINS- Assassination 7″ (Greasy Pop Records, Australia, 1983)


Repost from August 1st 2006. Re-ripped and b-side added. Enjoy this totally underappreciated pearl. More political violence, this time coming from Orstralia’s best kept secret. Imagine a cross between THE NORMALS & T.S.O.L. – THE ASSASSIN’s just rip shit up!!!! I have no clue whether this has also been hyped to death, posted into nothingness […]

IMPACT- Solo Odio Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1985)


I originally wanted to post this smasher when the news here in good ol’Europe were full of pictures of Berlusconi with a bloodied face: Some guy gave him what he would deserve a thousand times more with a small statue of the dome of Milano. But things were too hectic here to bring it up […]

BITCH- Damnation Alley 12″EP (Metal Blade Records, USA, 1982)


Three Metal posts in a row and now what? Right – another one! Wait a second. Is BITCH a Metal group? Actually, this is totally punked up, sleazy, sexually aggressive, lustful, dominant, highly energetic Metal Punk of the finest sort. Singer Betsy is in the center of interest here, as her wild and powerful performance […]

LEGEND- Death in the Nursery LP (Workshop Records,UK, 1982)


I first met R. in 1981. We both attended the same school in a shithole of a dump in a rather provincial part of Switzerland (now you might say, with the banning of minarets in Switzerland, the whole country seems to be rather provincial and even though I’m not a big fan of religious buildings […]

THE HANDSOME BEASTS- All Riot now, b/w The Mark of the Beast 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1980)


What since the 2nd half of the 90s has been constructed as a music genre, the NWOBHM, is actually a very complex and diverse potpourri. On the one hand, you have bands like MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST: They were among the firestarters of the NWOBHM but never actually part of the underground phenomenon. […]

SLAYER- Prepare to die 12″EP (Rain Forest Records, USA, 1983)


Shortly before the other band by the same name released its epochal “Show no Mercy” album, SLAYER from San Antonio, Texas, put out this EP in small numbers (at least, that’s what some sources say – I have not seen this until early 1984 and bought it because I thought it was the L.A. Slayer). […]