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Monthly Archives: November 2009

MINUTEMEN- Paranoid Time 7″EP (SST, USA, 1980)


What can I say? What could I say? Everybody’s familiar with this – everybody must be. One of the best records ever released. Larger than life. From one of the most outstanding bands ever. Bigger than death. I’m pretty sure there are still people out there who haven’t heard this band yet – check these […]

SONS OF ISHMAEL- Hayseed Hardcore 7″EP (Death Enema Records, Canada, 1985)


SONS OF ISHMAEL from Ontario / Canada came out of the blue for me with this EP. The band later released a bunch of other records, of which especially the “Pariah MArtyr demands a Sacrifice” (Mini-)LP was highly anticipated, but when I went through them recently, they all sounded rather pale. Not this one: “Hayseed […]

TOXIC REASONS- Ghost Town 7″EP (Risky Records, USA, 1981)


TOXIC REASONS’ second 7″ was this incredible three tracker, although all three tracks featured here would later all re-appear in new versions on the mandatory “Independence” LP. These three songs were produced by DK’s East Bay Ray and it’s safe to say that this isn’t one hell of a job, as far as engineering and […]

AVENGERS- s/t 12″EP (White Noise Records, USA, 1979)


Released shortly after the breakup of AVENGERS, this 12″ features one über-great, 2 regularly great and one shit track. “American in me” and “White Nigger” are great, “U Oh!!” is horrible and “Corpus Christ” is one of my fave AVENGERS songs. Of course, it is produced by Geza X, whereas the other 3 are kaputt-mixed […]

BLOODSTAR- Exterminator 666 does not answer, c/w Hyperspace 10″ (Red Decibel, USA, 1991)


When I listen to a record like this, I can’t help but thinking I might have missed something during the 90s. When the 80s came to an early end, a lot of people felt disorientated musically. I still cannot oversee the whole transformation that was taking place, but one of the key words was definitely […]

Blondie- Dreaming (1979)


«When I met you in the restaurant / You could tell I was no debutante …»

TRAITOR’S GATE- The Devil takes the High Road 12″EP (Bullet Records, UK, 1983)


Another great yet pretty obscure NWOBHM output comes from TRAITOR’S GATE. The band formed in 1982 and vanished in 1985. If anybody has the 5 song cassette of which the NWOBHM encyclopdia speaks, please share. The band’s only ever vinyl release features three songs of which two are so-so. “Love after Midnight” is one of […]