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Monthly Archives: October 2009

SYSTEMATIC DEATH- Flash back 7″EP (Selfish Records, Japan, 1986)


Classic Nippon Hardcore Thrash: SYSTEMATIC DEATH released two 7″s, a Flexi and an LP, this being the second first 7″. Although all their recorded material is great and sounds pretty similiar, this is my fave, as it features the most raging material. It sounds a bit like GAUZE which is no wonder, since some GAUZE […]

P.T.L. KLUB- Nobody cares anymore 7″EP (Deaththrasher Records, USA, 1987)


Some of the dying Hardcore corpse’s last convulsions. Simple and brutal, just what I need right now. “Negative Man” is the shit. Misplaced the lyric insert and can’t find it at the moment. Find more P.T.L. Klub here. Why not try Suicide.mp3 Negative Man.mp3 Sometimes I feel.mp3 New American.mp3 Circus in DC.mp3