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S.O.A.- I was a teenage Pencil Neck Geek 7″EP Bootleg [1980 Demo] (The Work-Out Label, ?, ?)

You too played that STATE OF ALERT (S.O.A.) EP to death in the 80s? I played it (on the four 7″ comp LP that came out in 1984) up and down, down and up. It was simply the best on the compilation. Moronic, aggressive, regressive, reactionary, primitive, ugly, by no means p.c. – it was HARDCORE. Was I happy when I could find myself a green vinyl copy during my first L.A. trip.

This 7″ bootleg from I don’t remember when has the band’s first demo from 1980. The sound quality is raw, much rawer than the official EP and the source seems to be a seventh generation tape dub – but that’s what positively adds to the overwhelming emergency of this. You’ll love it!
Hilarious cover, title and all. Top job!

Gonna have to fight.mp3
Public Defender.mp3
Draw blank.mp3