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ANGRY SAMOANS- Promo 12″EP (no label, USA, 1986)

AngrySamoans_promoAngrySamoans_label1AngrySamoans_label2You wanna know how to immediately recognize a poseur? Just ask him which the best ANGRY SAMOANS record is and if he responds “Back from Samoa”, you got him! Of course, the SAMOANS ironical view on Hardcore (as on “Samoa”) is a great record, but the early and the late ANGRY SAMOANS is where it’s really at. “Inside my Brain” is flawless and “STP not LSD” is one of the the most exciting albums I can think of.
This 12″ EP here was privately released in 1986, promoting an LP that never came out. Instead, the band decided to re-release this officially in 1987 under the title “Yesterday started tomorrow”. If you have this pressing, please compare the two versions. I think I heard that this had a different mix, but I’m not sure.
This EP sounds like the missing link between the first EP and “STP”. You can hear that they were still in search for (new old) sound. The plus of this one: It’s way more desperate sounding than “STP”. There’s a stronger 60s Garage / Psycho influence hereon, making this not quite as accessible.
I didn’t like it when it came out and gave it a bad review in Megawimp, but like so often, I was sooooo wrong.

Different World.mp3
It’s raining today.mp3
Psyched-out 129.mp3
Somebody to love.mp3