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LAST RITES FOR GENOCIDE & M.I.A.- Split LP (Smoke 7, USA, 1982)

MIA_G_LastRights_frontMIA_G_LastRites_back“Last Rights for GENOCIDE and M.I.A.” is the title of one of my most beloved split albums ever released. Since its initial release in 1982, it has never been rereleased in its entirety and that is a major crime.

California’s M.I.A. deliver a set of amazing songs., literally hit after hit. “Tell me why” is one of the best and catchiest songs I can think of, really and has been heard on various compilations. “I hate Hippies” features some lyrical glory and makes you sing along franticly – few songs capture the testosterone-ridden king-of-the-world-feeling of Hardcore like this anthem. Had this side of the split LP been released as a stand-alone EP and in limited quantities (you know, the fetish), it would rank up very highly on every want list. All catchy, original, full of energy and soooo in your fucking face, you just stand there, do the one (wo-)man skank and say “thank you for this, now please hit me again!”. One of the definite highlights in Hardcore and yet totally under-apreciated.
The GENOCIDE (hailing from N.J.) side is not as consistent, but still works fine as a whole. The level of sloppi-, snotti- and obnoxiousness is always high, resulting in a very charming attack of borderline-Hardcore. The first track, with the downtuned bass totally rules: That’s a weird one! The lyrics are no let down either, each and every one as obnoxious as it gets and “Overthrow the Government” reads like the answer to M.I.A. anti-hippies-anthem. By the way, fellow bloggers: Anybody cares to create a podcast dedicated to Charles Manson – theme songs? Here we got another one.

Both bands went on releasing more records. The later M.I.A. stuff was dope, though a bit overproduced, whilst GENOCIDE released at least one more 12″, which had a poser photo in full color and was pretty awful (at least, that’s what my memory says).

Download the entire Split LP here and make sure you replace all shitty rips you found on other blogs with this version. Folder contains all scans, incl. those of the scarce lyric insert.