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PALLAS- Paris is burning 7″ (Cool King, UK, 1983)

PallasfrontPallas_back“Where else would I rather be on this autumn night” – Autumnal mood swings call for special music. No Punk, Metal or Hardcore (you know, the music that’s deader than dead) this time.

This is the only record I ever owned by Scotland’s PALLAS and I remember getting a lot of shit for liking it. And still, “Paris is burning” astonishes me. What a hit! What a unique mixture of Prog Rock and Electronic Music, with a strong burlesque note. Have you ever heard anything like this? You who grew up in the late 70s, early 80s, can you too relate to the music instantly, because it breathes the Zeitgeist so deeply? Whether you like PALLAS or not – the music really takes you back in time. The flipside is a bit cheesy, but I dunno, I like this kind of stuff sometimes. I think it’s great when there’s music that really speaks to you and others don’t understand it. No rallying around the flag here, kids. And the cover of this 7″ (of which there’s a 12″ version too) – just unbelievably beautiful.

I’ve never heard PALLAS albums, I must admit. It was always this single only for me – I somehow loved “Paris is burning” so much that I couldn’t (and can’t) believe the band’s other stuff comes close to this. Was I wrong?

Official PALLAS website.

I recently bought a new copy of this on Ebay, cause it said “ex/ex” and costed next to nothing. I wanted to upgrade my worn out 7″ – the one I bought sounded even worse, as it turned out. So here you get some extra vinyl noise. To me, it sounds just natural this way.

Anybody feels like looking up the lyrics for “Paris is burning” or transcribing them from the sound file?

Paris is burning.mp3
The Hammer falls.mp3