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EMPTY RITUALS- Dressed to kill, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Mental Assault Records, USA, 1984)

After the last posting, there were two records of which I thought could come next. The 12″ EP by END RESULT from Chiago for obvious reasons – or this one, for even more obvious ones. I don’t know nothing about EMPTY RITUALS other than this was the band’s only vinyl appearance.
Musically, we have a very nice blend of Jello Biafra-type vocals backup-up with a solid post-punk beat, filled up with some atmospheric guitar work. When this kind of music is well done, it gets a really hypnotic drive as it is the case here.

A band from MA, recording at Radiobeat, being engineered by Jimmy Dufour – and with a strong anti-Hardcore sentiment, this is a “real” punk record. I have no idea who these guys were and what made them take such a strong stand against Hardcore. Sure, the lyrics went a bit too far in the second last line (the rape thing – that was a really dumb and commonly used topic from radical feminists), but the general direction was spot-on and probably is nowadays more so than ever.
The a-side “Dressed to kill” song is my favorite though (albeit the lyrics are super-cheesy).

I would like to dedicate this post to Hardcore, a pretty idiotic style of fast and aggressive music, which I happen to love very, very much, and which mercifully imploded a quarter of a century ago. Since then, it’s constantly staged as a sad role play full of empty rituals all over the world again and again. Like the NAKED RAYGUN singer says (quoted from memory) at the end of “You weren’t there”: It has settled down into suburbia and whatever has landed there is bound to last for maybe centuries …

Dressed to kill.mp3