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GASTUNK- To Fans 7″EP (Sex69, Japan, 1986)

Gastunk_frontGastunk_backGastunk_vinylWhat a bizarre blend of Metal, Hardrock (KISS!), Folk and Punk. GASTUNK from Japan enjoy some sort of cult status and I can really understand why. There simply ain’t no band with a similar sound around. The “Deadsong” Lp was a bit too much for me, but this collectible 7″ is great. And the packaging is awesome. This used to be a real collector piece in the 80s, rumor had it there had only been 2- or 300 made. I don’t think that’s true. “Fastest Dream” is such a great, poetic song. The EP runs on two different speeds – 45 on the a-side and 33 on the flip. When you play the a-side on 33, the songs sound like GISM a bit – so phantastic I had to record these two – check it out!
The covr consists of two pieces – a silk printed plastic bag and a one sided insert and the vinyl is on multicolored lollypop-vinyl, as you can see.
Anyway, here’s what I have to say at the moment. It’s been a hellish week, I’m burned out, tired and in a really bad mood. This post goes out to Melanie.

Fastest Dream.mp3

Devil.mp3 [33 rpm version]
Sex.mp3 [33 rpm version]

PS: The counter just passed beyond the one million mark. Crazy.