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Monthly Archives: October 2009

S.O.A.- I was a teenage Pencil Neck Geek 7″EP Bootleg [1980 Demo] (The Work-Out Label, ?, ?)


You too played that STATE OF ALERT (S.O.A.) EP to death in the 80s? I played it (on the four 7″ comp LP that came out in 1984) up and down, down and up. It was simply the best on the compilation. Moronic, aggressive, regressive, reactionary, primitive, ugly, by no means p.c. – it was […]

ANGRY SAMOANS- Promo 12″EP (no label, USA, 1986)


You wanna know how to immediately recognize a poseur? Just ask him which the best ANGRY SAMOANS record is and if he responds “Back from Samoa”, you got him! Of course, the SAMOANS ironical view on Hardcore (as on “Samoa”) is a great record, but the early and the late ANGRY SAMOANS is where it’s […]

LAST RITES FOR GENOCIDE & M.I.A.- Split LP (Smoke 7, USA, 1982)


“Last Rights for GENOCIDE and M.I.A.” is the title of one of my most beloved split albums ever released. Since its initial release in 1982, it has never been rereleased in its entirety and that is a major crime. California’s M.I.A. deliver a set of amazing songs., literally hit after hit. “Tell me why” is […]

MALINHEADS- Probegepogt aus Spandau 7″EP (Pogar Records, Germany, 1983)


Another regional pearl up your asses! MALINHEADS came from the rather small but forceful Berlin Punk scene and released this EP, the band’s debut, in 1983. I didn’t realize this so much in the 80s, but today, records like this sound a lot more interesting. The musicianship might not be overwhelmingly good, but still this […]

PALLAS- Paris is burning 7″ (Cool King, UK, 1983)


“Where else would I rather be on this autumn night” – Autumnal mood swings call for special music. No Punk, Metal or Hardcore (you know, the music that’s deader than dead) this time. This is the only record I ever owned by Scotland’s PALLAS and I remember getting a lot of shit for liking it. […]

Best band in the world at this moment (and other moments too)


EMPTY RITUALS- Dressed to kill, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Mental Assault Records, USA, 1984)


After the last posting, there were two records of which I thought could come next. The 12″ EP by END RESULT from Chiago for obvious reasons – or this one, for even more obvious ones. I don’t know nothing about EMPTY RITUALS other than this was the band’s only vinyl appearance. Musically, we have a […]

YOU WEREN’T THERE. A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK 1977-1984 (Documentary & Soundtrack LP)


Is Punk dead? Of course it is – and for good it is. Imagine this: Cultural and social phenomena would last forever. Groups of old men would gather while other even older men would stand on stage, playing songs from I-don’t-know-when while the other old men would stand there, holding their beers and with a […]

SPERMBIRDS / WALTER ELF- Don’t forget the Fun! Split 7″EP (X-Mist Records, Germany, 1986)


This is one of these little pearls that were maybe more of regional importance – at least until SPERMBIRDS became the best export of the not so great mid 80s German Hardcore scene. In retrospective, it’s weird: You had these great German (Hardcore-) Punk bands like Razzia, Toxoplasma, Middle Class Fantasies, Chaos Z, Vorkriegsphase, Vorkriegsjugend, […]

GASTUNK- To Fans 7″EP (Sex69, Japan, 1986)


What a bizarre blend of Metal, Hardrock (KISS!), Folk and Punk. GASTUNK from Japan enjoy some sort of cult status and I can really understand why. There simply ain’t no band with a similar sound around. The “Deadsong” Lp was a bit too much for me, but this collectible 7″ is great. And the packaging […]