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THE WARDS- Armed to the Teeth Tape (Medical Records, USA, 1985)

thewardscover.img013thewardscover.img002thewardscover.img003And here it finally surfaces, the first demo tape by THE WARDS. Find more material by this totally underrated band here and here.

This rip was provided by Dave from Rocket Science, who received it from one of his regular visitors. Here’s what this friendly spirit writes:
«ripped by Blood Elf . Found this at a thrift shop on the East Side of Austin TX, there was another Wards tape, but in my haste, not really looking as i grabbed a few tapes, left that one behind. :(   the end»

I haven’t listened to the tape as of yet, I just came home from work when I found this in my mailbox and I thought I’d share it with you right away, cause I know many have been waiting for this to surface. I really hope it’s a good demo, but judging from the cover alone, it must be great.

Thanx a bunch to the Blood Elf and Dave!

Download THE WARDS’ “Armed to the Teeth” Demo here (.rar file)

How is it? Any good? Should I download it?