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THE WARDS- Armed to the Teeth Tape (Medical Records, USA, 1985)

thewardscover.img013thewardscover.img002thewardscover.img003And here it finally surfaces, the first demo tape by THE WARDS. Find more material by this totally underrated band here and here.

This rip was provided by Dave from Rocket Science, who received it from one of his regular visitors. Here’s what this friendly spirit writes:
«ripped by Blood Elf . Found this at a thrift shop on the East Side of Austin TX, there was another Wards tape, but in my haste, not really looking as i grabbed a few tapes, left that one behind. :(   the end»

I haven’t listened to the tape as of yet, I just came home from work when I found this in my mailbox and I thought I’d share it with you right away, cause I know many have been waiting for this to surface. I really hope it’s a good demo, but judging from the cover alone, it must be great.

Thanx a bunch to the Blood Elf and Dave!

Download THE WARDS’ “Armed to the Teeth” Demo here (.rar file)

How is it? Any good? Should I download it?


  1. Dave G

    Hope everyone enjoys. I listened to the tape twice today after it showed up in my mailbox. The songs are a bit slower than then the 7 inches, but it’is still great simple hardcore punk with a nice f you attitude. Tea ( vocals) sounds pretty smashed on these tracks hahaha.


    Posted on 22-Sep-09 at 20:31 | Permalink
  2. Sounds like something I should download!:-D


    Posted on 22-Sep-09 at 20:32 | Permalink
  3. gg allin

    damn. it’s a zip. oh well hey erich can you at least email me the dri ep? i would really like to hear it. thanks.


    Posted on 22-Sep-09 at 23:50 | Permalink
  4. I loved the other 2 Wards posts so I’m downloading this one.
    Thanks, man


    Posted on 23-Sep-09 at 06:11 | Permalink
  5. Par

    hmm, this was so-so, I think I have to give it a few spins.

    How about some metal now……


    Posted on 23-Sep-09 at 06:31 | Permalink
  6. @ GG Allin: You must be a little patient with me. And sorry about the archive files. I’m still thinking about a solution for this problem (blind people can’t make use of unzippers as there seems to be no software solution for their needs).

    @ Pär: Yeah, I too was a bit disappointed and the year 1985 is weird. That would mean it came after the “Ripped off” tape. Weird. Next post will be a Metal post! TOTAL Metal!!!!!


    Posted on 23-Sep-09 at 08:26 | Permalink
  7. Nikolas

    Yeah!!!!!! Pretty good… A METAL POST man!!!!
    You said it… TOTAL METAL!!!!!!!! I hope it’s the metal compilation Vol2……….


    Posted on 23-Sep-09 at 09:48 | Permalink
  8. What's the Truth?

    “TOTAL Metal” sounds extremely appropriate. I’m gunning for that Exodus live show you recorded or still for Master of Disguise.

    And speaking of TOTAL Metal, Saint Vitus is playing here in NYC next month and I have extremely high hopes…I hope they’ve still got it.


    Posted on 23-Sep-09 at 17:18 | Permalink
  9. Man, I have wanted to hear this other Wards tape for several years now- thank you, thank you! Er, hope it lives up to its expectations- judging from some other above comments, though, it sounds like some others were disappointed. Speaking of Vermont punk/HC, did anyone else pick up the Nation of Hate unreleased EP circa 1982 (the first Vermont HC band)- there were only 110 copies pressed but it’s pretty raw stuff and has REALLY GREAT packaging and liner notes- which includes some old newspaper articles mentioning Tea Curley and the Wards. Plus the guy that released the EP is a nice guy. I will post some more comments after I actually listen to this Wards tape…


    Posted on 24-Sep-09 at 02:59 | Permalink
  10. Johnny Douche`

    good demo. exactlly what you would expect from the wards. not fantastic and amazing hardcore punk in any way shape of form. just good old fashioned vermont punk. good to finally hear this tape though. been a long time wards fan. which is really strange because, i mean really, its only the wards, right?


    Posted on 25-Sep-09 at 10:10 | Permalink
  11. prostitute

    Worth it for the wards commercials alone! Title track’s killer.


    Posted on 26-Sep-09 at 02:09 | Permalink
  12. Now that I’ve listened to this whole tape, I think it’s really good! I am not disappointed at all. My favorite Wards record is still their 1st EP but this cassette is probably the rawest sounding thing they released according to my ears. For being recorded in late 1985, a time when fast HC- and metal tinged “crossover” was especially big- it is an anomaly of sorts that the Wards still played punk and didn’t feel a need to “go hardcore” on this tape. There are a few weird tracks like the “Seman Solo” track that is just a drum solo, but still pretty funny nonetheless. I think the best songs on the tape are on the second half of it, especially the title track. I think they could have totally squeezed out another great EP with some of these cassette tracks- too bad they didn’t get “properly” recorded in the studio and make it to vinyl as a 3rd EP. Tea Curley sounds totally trashed singing on many parts of this tape and I think it adds to the charm and snottiness of it. There was that one track at the end where he starts talking and sounds completely wasted. Again, thanks so much for posting this tape, I have wanted to hear it for a while.


    Posted on 27-Sep-09 at 05:16 | Permalink
  13. Thanks a lot! Totally forgot to download it. Agree with Tony here. Think it’s quiet good. Not really up there with the EPs but still worth some spins.


    Posted on 29-Sep-09 at 21:32 | Permalink
  14. olivier turcotte

    The Wards, c’est bon.


    Posted on 02-Oct-09 at 00:25 | Permalink
  15. Paul Allison

    i produced most of the WARDs material and here’s what they came out with. #1. -10 song EP. “World aint pretty”. (33 1/3). #2. – 5 song EP, “Pershing 2”. (33 1/3). #3 – 11 song tape “Ripped off in Boston” recorded in Boston’s famous Radiobeat studios. #4 – 26 song tape “Armed to the Teeth”. #5 – 6 song tape “Living in Dodge”. Also available is a 60 song “greatest hits” CD. If you need any info about the WARDS, I can help. e-mail me.


    Posted on 23-Jun-13 at 18:37 | Permalink
  16. j

    Hey man! How about a re-up of all of all the WARDS? Looks like you have their entire catalog, although expired. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!


    Posted on 12-May-19 at 17:16 | Permalink

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