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WRETCHED- In Nome del loro Potere tutto e stato fatto per distruggere il Mondo tu vivi 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)

Wretched_loro_frontWretched_loro_backWretched_loro_insert2aWretched_loro_insert2bWretched_loro_insert1Whilst the greatness of certain records is largely undisputed, some others play the role of under-underground classics still. The fabrication of a canon (i.e. a catalog of what is regarded to be “classic” and what not) is a violent process, but luckily not one that could not be distorted, transformed and eventually even destroyed (although I’m not yet sure whether or not I’d be into that, as you can see from the sheer existence of this blog).

Maybe it’s the overwhelming brutality of WRETCHED‘s first EP. Maybe it’s the record’s and band’s different musical concept that did not rely so much on tightness or technical skills in general. This is one sloppy, hectic and emergent trip: The drums sound like the drummer’s falling down the stairs, the strings are chaotic and disharmonic and the singer, well, he sounds like a caged animal, violent and threatening. So intense! These were in fact the wild, the formative years. When did Hardcore die its well deserved death? Marked records like this a discontinuity already? Who could possibly claim that “Hardcore is alive”?

Fuckshitupism of the most relentless sort!

La Logica del Potere.mp3
Spero venga la Guerra.mp3
Muori per la Patria, muori per niente.mp3
Solo Guerra.mp3
Nessun Diritto.mp3
Ti obbligano ad obbedire.mp3
Non posso sopportare.mp3

PS: More WRETCHED on this blog can be found here, here and here. And no, although it’s itching to write something about the band’s graphical and lyrical cacaphony, I won’t do it. But it’s really high time somebody starts to examine these concepts in a larger context. This could become a very interesting book, believe me. But enough with historian talk, haha. I guess you can always tell when my head actually is into different things than what I’m posting on this blog.