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MASACRE 68 / HISTERIA- Split LP Picture Disc (Cryptas Records, Mexico, ca. 1995)

IMG_0430IMG_0431IMG_0429IMG_0428IMG_0433Here’s one for the Punx! This picture disc split LP contains demo material from two great Mexican Hardcore bands of the 80s: MASACRE 68 and HISTERIA. There’s no proper information on the when- and whereabouts of these recordings, but they may be from around 1986-87.
MASACRE 68 (named after a bloody massacre of Mexican police against anti-Olympics protesters in the year of 1968) were one of the most popular bands from Mexico although all their releases (a split 7″EP and an LP which I never heard, plus two or three demos) were hard to find even in the late 80s, early 90s. They play simple Thrash, reminiscent of OHLO SECO. One full LP side of theirs is maybe a bit too much for me, but still this is some really good stuff.
HISTERIA were the predecessor of MASACRE 68, from what I understand and shared guitarist and old time pen-pal of mine, Thrasher. And HISTERIA are the winners here with their fast, catchy and very “italian” sounding Hardcore assault (they even cover “Reprezione” by Italy’s 5. BRACCIO!). Right from start on (the classic “Liberacion”, which is a real hit!), they rip through 9 high energy low-fi hits that make you wanna dance around naked. This is one serious scorcher of a band, with a great obnoxious singer – had the band properly recorded an EP or album, I’m sure you’d have heard of them.

You’ll find very little information about this split LP. “Kill from the Heart” has that it was released in 2000, but that’s definitely not true. I received a whole bunch of these directly from Thrasher ca. mid 90s. A good portion of the 300 made were defective due to very poor manufacturing, so this babe should be pretty hard to come by. Enjoy this pearl!

Download the entire album here.