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Monthly Archives: September 2009

ACID- Lucifera, b/w Ghostriders 7″ (Giant Records, Belgium, 1983)


«ACID is the name, Heavy Metal is the game.» See how closely related Heavy Metal is to a certain movie starring Gérard Depardieu.

SAVAGE GRACE- Master of Disguise LP (Black Dragon Records, France, 1985)


I promised TOTAL METAL and here it is, right from the boulevards of Beverly Hills: SAVAGE GRACE for many were one of the heaviest bands of the 83 Metal explosion. The band’s debut, the awesome and totally, criminally underrated “Dominatress” 12″EP was one of these pearls I couldn’t get off my turntable for weeks and […]

THE WARDS- Armed to the Teeth Tape (Medical Records, USA, 1985)


And here it finally surfaces, the first demo tape by THE WARDS. Find more material by this totally underrated band here and here. This rip was provided by Dave from Rocket Science, who received it from one of his regular visitors. Here’s what this friendly spirit writes: «ripped by Blood Elf . Found this at […]

WRETCHED- In Nome del loro Potere tutto e stato fatto per distruggere il Mondo tu vivi 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


Whilst the greatness of certain records is largely undisputed, some others play the role of under-underground classics still. The fabrication of a canon (i.e. a catalog of what is regarded to be “classic” and what not) is a violent process, but luckily not one that could not be distorted, transformed and eventually even destroyed (although […]

V/A VARNING!! FOR PUNK- 3 CD-Compilation (Distortion Records & Ägg Records, Sweden, 1994)


This is the first time I’m posting a CD release and I’m posting this because it was released on CD only and seems to be pretty tough to come by and widely unknown outside of Sweden (where I happen to live) It’s pretty much an anthology of Swedish Punk and Hardcore, as excessive in number […]

D.R.I.- Dirty rotten EP 7″EP (Dirty Rotten Records, USA, 1983)


It starts off with two snare beats – and then all hell breaks loose. Still makes me run shivers down my spine when “Sad to be” starts off on D.R.I.’s monstrous debut EP from 1983. And what a masterstroke to introduce a record full of short, fast songs with the longest and the one with […]

Short Intermission: The Arts


Enjoy this. It’s art!

MASACRE 68 / HISTERIA- Split LP Picture Disc (Cryptas Records, Mexico, ca. 1995)


Here’s one for the Punx! This picture disc split LP contains demo material from two great Mexican Hardcore bands of the 80s: MASACRE 68 and HISTERIA. There’s no proper information on the when- and whereabouts of these recordings, but they may be from around 1986-87. MASACRE 68 (named after a bloody massacre of Mexican police […]