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BIG CITY AIN’T TOO PRETTY- 7″EP Compilation (Big City Records, USA, 1983)

BigyCity_pretty_frontBig_City_pretty_backBig_City_pretty_labelaBig_City_pretty_labelbTime for Hardcore! In your fucking face Hardcore that is!!! No fancy “oh look, we’re so talented and have so much to say”- crap, just good old plain aggression!
This is the 2nd in a series of five Big City comps – and without a doubt, it’s the best (find the following “Nice and Loud” comp here). Why? It’s the fastest, meanest, most violent one. Hard to believe this label and this compilation specifically found so little recognition outside the NYC universe. Sure, none of these bands is reinventing the wheel, but the power is there and it still kicks major ass. Mine at least (and that is a major ass!).

X.K.I. kick the shit out of you with “I hate everything” (sounds a lot like a simpler version of Verbal Abuse’s “I hate everyone” song). Next slap in the face comes from BETRAYED, just in time before U.V. hit you with a massive stick. Then come SAVAGE CIRCLE, one of the goofiest bands of the early HC scene, but charming as hell. Let’s say they hit you a little bit. Flip the platter over and NO THANKS tear everything down with the borderline blastbeat “Are you ready” (nope, not the title song of the band’s essential 7″EP which you can find here). So noisy and fuckshitupistic, it just makes you happy angry. ARMED CITIZEN’s track kills their entire white bread 7″ they released shortly after and FATHEAD SUBURBIA (what a name!) once more kick you in the belly. SAVAGE CIRCLE close this formidable EP with “Kill Corps” and a good laugh.

Listen to No Thanks’ insane “Are you ready” here.
Download the entire comp here (includes the complete booklet! Make sure you look at page 11 which has additional information about the bands. Great stuff!). Rage! RAGE!!!!!!!! RAAAGGGGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!