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ABSURD- s/t 7″EP (Bullshit Rekordz, Sweden, 1982)

Absurd_frontAbsurd_backAbsurd_lyricsThe missing link between Mongo Rock and D-Beat / Crust. Sweden’s ABSURD one and only EP, a masterpiece of its own!

Yeah, Peter over at Killed by Death had this posted a while ago, but it’s the right time now for a repost of this hard to find pearl of swedish socialdemocratic preacher pop. Released on ANTI-CIMEX’ Bullshit Rekordz label. 300 or 500 made.

Blodid Stad.mp3
Fred pa Jorden.mp3
Bojkotta Coca Cola.mp3
Statens Maktspel.mp3
Anarki nu.mp3


  1. Zach

    “Preacher pop” seems fitting considering the singer of this band became a priest.


    Posted on 28-Aug-09 at 23:55 | Permalink
  2. Joey M.

    I didn’t expect much but these songs are really special. Punky, dirty, and with a great rawwwwww sound.


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 08:53 | Permalink
  3. Limppa

    Some body who was in the band after this 7″ told me the rumor about the singer and his job as priest is not true.


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 09:40 | Permalink
  4. Classic priest core from the home of gay arians. Anyway, the singer did indeed become a priest. He even whore his priest cloths during a reunion gig in the 90s. If you´re longing for some more scans:


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 10:27 | Permalink
  5. Yeah, Peter, that’s what I heard too about the singer. I can’t really see the curiosity in a punk singer becoming a priest – it seems like a logical step only. My copy of the EP didn’t have any funny extras included, like yours did. Guess it’s bad karma. 🙁


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 11:05 | Permalink
  6. Jay Thurston

    There is no other drummer that can suck as bad as this guy…fucking horrible. I heard the drummer decided to become homeless and earn money on the streets by playing the Kazoo!! Thank god.


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 18:55 | Permalink
  7. anaheim

    hahah the missing link thing is hilarious!!


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 20:04 | Permalink
  8. Jag vill ha anarki nu.


    Posted on 29-Aug-09 at 23:23 | Permalink
  9. Sean

    What gets me is how hard some bands try NOW to duplicate such a horrific sound…WITH RECORDING EQUIPMENT ABSURD NEVER DREAMED WAS POSSIBLE!!!

    Nice solid (LOL!) ep…wouldn’t pay horror prices, but worthy of uploading on this blog!


    Posted on 30-Aug-09 at 13:09 | Permalink
  10. The reenactment thing is indeed – ABSURD! 😀


    Posted on 30-Aug-09 at 15:44 | Permalink
  11. Par

    This makes me want go to the store and buy Coca Cola. Haha, this suck so bad.


    Posted on 31-Aug-09 at 07:02 | Permalink
  12. Par

    Oooo, best album ever now on heavy rotation, kistening to it makes me want to kill everything


    Posted on 31-Aug-09 at 20:20 | Permalink
  13. “Rape and murder your wife”, Pär? 😀 Expect another EXODUS post soon – will soon rip the live tape I recorded on the 1985 tour.


    Posted on 31-Aug-09 at 20:29 | Permalink
  14. Par

    Yep and “cut their flesh, to the bone, use a rusty knife” as well. The live tape should be great, Baloff in his prime.


    Posted on 31-Aug-09 at 20:54 | Permalink
  15. What's the Truth?

    If you rip that tape, Erich, I will be in your debt for the rest of my earthly life and inevitable penance in hell. I’m also on the lookout for mp3s of any of the major Exodus bootlegs.

    Another Bonded By Blood highlight: Paul Baloff doing an extremely cheesy, multi-tracked, pitchshifted “evil” laugh RIGHT AFTER the line “if you think you can laugh you’re a fool!” in Piranha.


    Posted on 01-Sep-09 at 07:49 | Permalink
  16. szanky

    what is the matrix number?


    Posted on 17-Apr-10 at 02:45 | Permalink
  17. anarkistattak

    just to warn people
    i heard some people managed to get a hold of some 7″ without sleeves of god lover, and are selling them with shitty xerox.


    Admin Reply:

    This story is about 19 years old.


    Posted on 10-Oct-10 at 09:16 | Permalink

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