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ABSURD- s/t 7″EP (Bullshit Rekordz, Sweden, 1982)

Absurd_frontAbsurd_backAbsurd_lyricsThe missing link between Mongo Rock and D-Beat / Crust. Sweden’s ABSURD one and only EP, a masterpiece of its own!

Yeah, Peter over at Killed by Death had this posted a while ago, but it’s the right time now for a repost of this hard to find pearl of swedish socialdemocratic preacher pop. Released on ANTI-CIMEX’ Bullshit Rekordz label. 300 or 500 made.

Blodid Stad.mp3
Fred pa Jorden.mp3
Bojkotta Coca Cola.mp3
Statens Maktspel.mp3
Anarki nu.mp3