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SATAN- Into the Fire Demo Tape (selfproduced, UK, 1982)

Satan_demo_coverSatan_cassetteAfter some compilation appearance and of course the super great 7″ (“Kiss of Death”, b/w “Heads will roll”), Tyneside’s SATAN decided to fire the original singer Trev Robinson and replaced him with Ian Swift in order to record a demo of newer material. “Into the Fire” was designed to draw attention from bigger labels and it was Neat Records who immediately offered the band a one LP deal. The band realized they had once again to change the vocalist and hired former BLITZKRIEG singer Brian Ross – one of the best in the Metal circuit, no doubt. The resulting “Court in the Act” album can with every right in the world be called a milestone of the emerging NWOBHM movement. It’s one of these rare wonders that after 25 years upon release, when you put em on, they immediately take you back in time. “Court in the Act” was very modern, fresh and innovative sounding back then and I never quite understood why not everybody of my friends loved it as much as I did. Up to this day, SATAN have never quite gotten out of the underground niché they were put in.

What I love about “Into the Fire” is its rawness. Take for instance the incredible, absolutely smoking guitar intro part at the beginning of “Trial by Fire” – you will notice that it sounds quite a bit different here from the album version. Same goes for the other songs – they’re mostly a bit slower and yes, the vocals are definitely nowhere near the utter beauty of Ross’s singing. If it only wasn’t for the track “Pull the Trigger” which is a real drag, music- and vocal-wise. That could have easily be left off and we would have had one flawless tape.

Thanks to Selwyn Rochard, the Lord of Metal!

Delete all your old files of this tape and download the entire “Into the Fire” Demo here (.zip file) in top sound quality.