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CITY-X- Ude af drift! 7″EP (Irmgardz, Denmark, 1980)

City-X_frontCity_X_backCityX_inside1City_X_inner2CityX_vinyl1CityX_vinyl2Thanks to everybody who donated – thanx for making my life miserable by chaining me for yet another year to this blog! And apologies for not posting a new record sooner, but I’ve been terribly snowed under and as if that wasn’t enough, I caught some influenza and got pinned down for days. Pig disease? Not that I wouldn’t have deserved it, being the swine that I am.

Let’s keep this short for once: CITY-X‘ first 7″ (well, at least the first one I knew of. And, quite frankly, the only one I have here, sitting in my boxes). What can you say about this? The first side is perfect and second side sucks. Well, that could be said about many things, couldn’t it.
Peter, our Powerpearl from the KBD blog, had posted this 38 years ago. Now I’m posting it again. Why? Because I love coverboys! Is the smasher “Avis” about the car rental? Thanks to my scans, you now can finally find out more about this controversial topic. And what could be the answer to “Only Cops can”? Right – (almost) only the Clash can (play that sort of music without sounding too corny).
Expect more intriguing insights into the black holes of the entertainment industry soon!

Only Cops can.mp3

PS: Just because I’m so anal about these things: I separated track 2 from track 1 even though they’re not on the vinyl.