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ANTI-SYSTEM- Defence of the Realm 7″EP (Pax Records, UK, 1983)

AntiSystem_frontAntiSystem_backAntiSystem_insert1AntiSystem_insert2AntiSystem_lyrics1AntiSystem_lyrics2What a great, catchy and powerful little piece of vinyl this is! And what a major shame that this band’s legacy should be limited to crusty clowns wearing ANTI-SYSTEM stickers on their retro jackets. Filing bands like ANTI-SYSTEM under “crust” doesn’t do them justice at all – this is Hardcore à la Britain, no more no less.

“Defence of the Realm” is the band’s first EP – and it’s the one I like the best, although the two 12″ers that followed were really good too, with a bit more Metal thrown in and increased drama level. All five songs here smoke and if you think this will be just another Discharge / GBH sound-alike group, take a listen first, cause I think ANTI-SYSTEM managed to pull of a sound of their own. Instead of the brutalism of Discharge, you hear a somewhat more nuanced sound here. Instead of only shouting, you also have praying here, haha. “Government lies” is the best song here, catchy and melodramatic, with some nice lead guitar parts.

I remember a discography CD that compiled all of ANTI SYSTEM’s work. If it’s still available, get it, it’s really worth it. Plus you’ll have less vinyl noise than you’ll hear in the rip of this heavily used piece of plastic.

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Service / 1000 Rifles.mp3
Government Lies.mp3
Bomb Threat.mp3
Animal Welfare.mp3
No longer to choose.mp3

totalpunkPS: This is a photo I found when searching for ANTI-SYSTEM material on ebay. Wonderful, innit?