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Annual donations round-up!

You may have seen the donation-button on the left side: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year.

For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although the add requests and google add-sense offers sound tempting, I decided to keep this blog add-free and completely non-profit. So it’s your donations are inevitable in order to finance the web hosting that includes the mp3 storage (of course). I do the work, supply my music collection and invest in the hardware necessary – you supply the dough once a year! Sounds fair, doesn’t it?
The annual costs have risen to an approx. 250$. That includes unlimited bandwidth, web space and also a much faster and more stable connection (installed two days ago; hope you noticed the fast speed!). Once the sum has been collected, the button disappears.

If you want to donate but have neither credit card nor a paypal account, please get in touch.

Your suport is much appreciated.

PS: I tried to include ABBA’s “Money Money Money” video clip in this posting, but youtube tells me I live in the wrong part of the world to even watch it (let alone to get the proper url to include it). So please try and imagine the video would be playing when you read this.


  1. Jay Thurston

    I will think about sending you some cash, if you please post another record…


    Posted on 08-Aug-09 at 21:36 | Permalink
  2. Haha, Jay, you stinky bastard.


    Posted on 09-Aug-09 at 01:07 | Permalink
  3. and i will only donate something, if you’re gonna post the stinky destroyér 7″ and/or immanuel cunt 7″, which you threatened to do a while ago haha. 🙂

    There is actually a good chance, that i will be hanging out in zürich in november. i will let you know in time, so that you can leave the city before i’ll arrive höhö.

    been showering with peter lustig lately…


    Posted on 09-Aug-09 at 02:12 | Permalink
  4. Drop me a line when you’re here, Steiffen. And what the hell does “showering with Peter Lustig” mean? You’re a hippy now?


    Posted on 09-Aug-09 at 02:26 | Permalink
  5. that has the same meaning as “been eating a clown lately…” 😉

    and even if i were a pippihippie now, don’t you ever forget: punks is hippies!


    Posted on 09-Aug-09 at 03:02 | Permalink
  6. eddie

    i hate crustcore! they have no business posing as punk rockers! i hate all new punk cuz they dont know what they’re doing. they need to come up with their own ideas and leave 80s hc alone! murder suicide??? blah!!!!! nofx suck too, they werent shit back in ’84 and now the new punks think they’re gods?


    Posted on 10-Aug-09 at 05:11 | Permalink
  7. “eating a clown”, still don’t get it.
    Eddie, wtf, where did that come from?
    Count me in E, at least for a little bit.


    Posted on 10-Aug-09 at 18:46 | Permalink
  8. Rexx

    On a totally unrelated tangent…I thought you might appreciate this link to a rare yet classic record from 1977. I’ve searched for years to find this puppy and finally located it on Pirate-Industry blog. It deserves far more exposure and allocades and a freaking reissue than the majority of “classic punk” out there. Do you have a better copy than this to share? PVC Punk Rock Berlin:


    Posted on 12-Aug-09 at 02:11 | Permalink
  9. Flo

    You cannot include ABBA videos because you live in your Swiss “off”, hehe!


    Posted on 13-Aug-09 at 12:37 | Permalink

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