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Monthly Archives: August 2009

BIG CITY AIN’T TOO PRETTY- 7″EP Compilation (Big City Records, USA, 1983)


Time for Hardcore! In your fucking face Hardcore that is!!! No fancy “oh look, we’re so talented and have so much to say”- crap, just good old plain aggression! This is the 2nd in a series of five Big City comps – and without a doubt, it’s the best (find the following “Nice and Loud” […]

ABSURD- s/t 7″EP (Bullshit Rekordz, Sweden, 1982)


The missing link between Mongo Rock and D-Beat / Crust. Sweden’s ABSURD one and only EP, a masterpiece of its own! Yeah, Peter over at Killed by Death had this posted a while ago, but it’s the right time now for a repost of this hard to find pearl of swedish socialdemocratic preacher pop. Released […]

SATAN- Into the Fire Demo Tape (selfproduced, UK, 1982)


After some compilation appearance and of course the super great 7″ (“Kiss of Death”, b/w “Heads will roll”), Tyneside’s SATAN decided to fire the original singer Trev Robinson and replaced him with Ian Swift in order to record a demo of newer material. “Into the Fire” was designed to draw attention from bigger labels and […]

SCREAMING SNEAKERS- Live Video from March 3 1984


Imagine, you’d ask me why I post this video from Florida’s incredible SCREAMING SNEAKERS. Is it the music? Is it the unbelievably sexy singer? I’d say, yeah, it’s the music and the music alone. In fact, when I play this video, I take off my shirt and put it on the monitor so I don’t […]

CITY-X- Ude af drift! 7″EP (Irmgardz, Denmark, 1980)


Thanks to everybody who donated – thanx for making my life miserable by chaining me for yet another year to this blog! And apologies for not posting a new record sooner, but I’ve been terribly snowed under and as if that wasn’t enough, I caught some influenza and got pinned down for days. Pig disease? […]

SIREN- Iron Coffins Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Some bands are just better than others. Whatever it is – musicianship, talent, power, a good hand at composing – some bands will forever have something that others don’t. SIREN from Brandon / Florida was one of these bands. If memory serves, I first heard about them from Thomas Schumacher, editor of one of the […]

ANTI-SYSTEM- Defence of the Realm 7″EP (Pax Records, UK, 1983)


What a great, catchy and powerful little piece of vinyl this is! And what a major shame that this band’s legacy should be limited to crusty clowns wearing ANTI-SYSTEM stickers on their retro jackets. Filing bands like ANTI-SYSTEM under “crust” doesn’t do them justice at all – this is Hardcore à la Britain, no more […]

Annual donations round-up!


You may have seen the donation-button on the left side: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year. For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although the add requests and google add-sense offers sound tempting, I decided to keep this blog […]